Groenkloof Gardens Body Corporate

Groenkloof Gardens was built in 1972 and stood as a landmark of fine up market living. The block was a sought after residence for owners and tenants alike. The responsibility to keep it up market was of course passed down to the Trustees. Trustees are willing volunteers that try their best for the most part, but often lack the expertise, time and nouse to add the necessary value. Roughly a year ago the Trustees of Groenkloof Gardens were faced with a difficult challenge. The building was almost forty years old and was showing the ravages of time and neglect. To exacerbate matters decorative maintenance had only been done twice over that period and not very well! It was a real mess. Putty was falling out of window frames, paint was peeling off the building and metal work was rusting. The Icon of up market living that once was Groenkloof Gardens, was no more.

Fortunately we were referred to Curasure by our managing agent. Curasure did a thorough building assessment and aided us every step of the way. They drafted a detailed specification to bind contractors in the scope and completion of work. They organized tenders from platinum contractors. When we selected our contractor they organized and arranged for the entire process that followed. They supervised and held the contractor to every detail in the redecoration specification. The Trustees were rarely involved and as Chairman I was kept up
to date on a weekly basis with building progress and documentation.

It took five months to complete the redecoration process on our building. The difference in pre and post redecoration is almost too big to quantify. We are extremely happy to once again have a building that befits the tag of up market.

I would recommend Curasure as an integral part of managing a building. We have a managing agent that takes care of admin and finances. We now also have a managing agent in Curasure taking care of our building and maintenance. Sustainability is what insures success in the long run. Trustees come and go and vary in their commitment. I am pleased that we have Curasure to ensure the sustainability of our investment, independently from the Trustees.

A special thanks to Frederik Nel who not only helped us address the Body Corporate at an SGM assuring a buy in from all owners but also in managing our audit and tender process.

A special thanks to Michael de Beer who tirelessly monitored and inspected the entire five month redecoration project with expert aplomb.

Kind regards
The Trustees
Groenkloof Gardens Body Corporate