Mount Beverley

Curasure have acted as consultants to Mount Beverley in different capacities for several years. After a painting contract went badly wrong about six years ago, the Trustees decided to enter into a Turnkey Maintenance contract with Curasure in May 2009 in order to ensure that the ongoing maintenance of the building is quality assured and that money spent on maintenance is well spent.

Curasure have assisted with planning a maintenance schedule which is particularly helpful as it provides continuity in the on-going maintenance of the building. In most Sectional Title schemes the Trustees prioritise certain maintenance and when the Trustees change so do the priorities for maintenance. Having a Turnkey Maintenance contract means that there is a long term plan for maintenance that can be budgeted for annually regardless of changes in the Trustees.

Over the past year Curasure has provided the Trustees of Mount Beverley with a building audit, specifications for the waterproofing of the roof and the painting and renovation of the building and regular reports. They negotiated Manufacturer’s backed guarantees, called for tenders from certified contractors and advised the Trustees on the selection of the contractors. They monitored the amount of work done and informed the Trustees when payments should be made according to the work done.

From the Trustees’ perspective we are confident that maintenance is being properly done and that payments are only made when sufficient work has been completed to the required standard. We are assured that the right products are used and that contractors selected to do major projects are held accountable. As none or the Trustees are engineers this has assisted us in performing our fiduciary duty as regard both maintenance and the careful expenditure of the Body Corporate’s funds.

The Mount Beverley Trustees circulate the Curasure reports to all owners for information. We meet with Curasure regularly and invite interested owners to attend the meetings when major items of maintenance are to be discussed. This means that owners with expertise in the area can ask technical questions of the Curasure representative who also attends and reports to the AGM.

The work of Trustees is onerous and often a thankless task. Having a Turnkey Maintenance contract has greatly assisted with the maintenance function and we can confidently recommend Curasure’s Turnkey Maintenance contracts to other Bodies Corporate.

Kind regards
The Trustees
Mount Beverley