We engaged Curasure in April 2010 to assist with maintenance on our complex. At the time, it was evident that the complex’s paintwork and woodwork needed attention, but none of the trustees was experienced enough in such matters to properly evaluate the quotes we obtained or to supervise the contractor once they were appointed. Curasure was able to supply the expertise and time necessary to ensure that maintenance is done correctly and cost-effectively.

Since their engagement, Curasure has:

  • Assessed, in detail, the condition and maintenance needs of the complex and documented their findings in a detailed report
  • Specified work required for a major maintenance project so that contractors could quote on a comparable basis
  • Arranged for several contractors to quote on the work and explained the details of the quotes to us so that we could make an informed decision when choosing a contractor
  • Conducted regular (~weekly) inspections of the work done by the contractor to ensure that it meets the defined specification
  • Supplied the trustees with regular updates on work done and problems encountered during the project so that these could be addressed

Working with Curasure has been pleasure so far. The team has demonstrated its diligence and expertise at every opportunity, and I would recommend them to any body corporate or similar entity that is responsible for maintaining a property but lacks a significant in-house capacity for this type of work. With Curasure’s help, I am convinced that we have obtained better value from our contractor than we would have obtained alone.

Kind regards
The Trustees