Parkholm Body Corporate

Curasure has been contracted by the Body Corporate of Parkholm flats during December 2007 for their expertise experience of the maintenance of a building like Parkholm Flats.

During December 2007 the Trustees had received the Site Inspection Report concerning the maintenance of the building. it was an extensive report assessing the condition of the complex including specifications to rcpair water damage and paint. The Trustees had decided to make use of the Turn Key Maintenance System.

During June 2008. Curasure had the Tender meeting with various companies. C.1r.17tc assistance in identifying contractors and the negotiation of contracts has proven very valuable.

Since the project started in 2008. Curasure's professional assistance and in particular Michael de Beer's expertise with quality control and negotiating guarantees and warranties has proved that Curasure have served our best interests on a continuously basis.

The ongoing site inspection reports that were received, was very valuable to the Trustees. With-out that. the Trustees would not know what was happening to the maintenance of the building.

Their professional conduct stall times is unsurpassed. Without Curasure's watchful eye, extensive knowledge, expertise and professional assistance. no Body Corporate dare to undertake such a major project.

Kind regards
The Trustees
Parkholm Body Corporate