Tristan Place

Tristan Place has been involved with Curasure for a number of years, but more closely since the beginning of 2008 when appointing thern on a turnkey maintenance project basis. Due to ongoing maintenance issues as well extensive building wear and tear, it was necessary for us to enlist expert advice in how to proceed with maintenance in a constructive and cost saving manner.

Curasure has been nothing but professional in their approach to the needs of the complex. They carried out a comprehensive audit of the buildings to ascertain problems and priority areas, after which assisted us in obtaining quotes from the relevant contractors/applicators, appointing such and then the vital element of overseeing that such contractors carry out the scope of works to the prescribed specifications.

Curasure's input and expertise has been Invaluable to our property and they really went the extra mile to ensure hatted highest standards were maintained. When contractors were not performing to specification they took it upon themselves to sort these Issues out for us. I have never once had to won, that the jobs undertaken would not be carried out . our compete satisfaction. Moreover, Curasure also undertook to liaise directly with each of our owners thus shouldering a large pan of the administrative burden on the trustees. They also were more than obliging in attending our AGM In July to answer any questions the owners had about the maintenance, as well as, give a short overview of the plans going forward. Their willingness to accommodate the trustees and our after-hour meetings is clear indication of their commitment to their clients. This companies service excellence, professionalism and outstanding attitude toward really providing quality assistance to their clients is exemplary and I look forward to a fruitful and trouble free relationship going forward. The peace of mind they provide cannot be quantified and it is truly refreshing for us to be able to have complete trust in a service provider, knowing they always have our best interests at heart.

I have no trouble in recommending them to anyone who is in need of such a service and have done so on many occasions.

Kind regards
The Trustees
Tristan Place