Check List For Preparing For Rainy Seasons

Preventative Maintenance Requires A Paradigm Shift

Rain Season Checklist

Important areas to check before rainy seasons.

The importance of preventative maintenance and knowing your building, it’s shortfalls and weaknesses cannot be underestimated. Good life cycle costing and a workable maintenance plans is the only cure for those maintenance headaches. Communal living has taken of in our country, with all the good and bad that comes with it. Generally speaking the trustees and members face a shortage of technical knowledge regarding the major maintenance and upkeep of their complexes.

The cost of maintenance and general decline in industry standards makes for loaded responsibilities and consequences when it comes to tackling that dreaded maintenance over-hall of your complex. Various systems in the market place exists that will assist you in gathering the correct information prior to redecoration. Make use of these services and technical know-how to benefit the outcome of your next redecoration project.

As a precautionary measure prior to rainy season we recommend that the trustees perform an site inspection to list actions items that should be completed to prevent damage.

As a guideline we provide a quick reference check-list:

  1. Roofs (Pitch, tiled, flat or waterproofed). Depending on the style of roof design and waterproofing the items will vary. Make sure that cracked tiles, ridge cappings and general flashing detail are in good order. For flat roofs: ensure that general waterproofing, counter-flashing and outlets are waterproof and well maintained.
  2. Gutters and down-pipes. Repair and maintain gutters and down-pipes and ensure good flow of water. (It’s time to clean out that garden growing in your gutters?)
  3. Parapets. Make sure that parapet walls are waterproofed and sealed correctly.
  4. Skylights & fittings. Seal and secure and skylights and fittings on roofs.
  5. Balconies, tiled and waterproofed areas. Ensure that tiled and waterproofed areas are correctly waterproofed and that outlets are waterproofed correctly, open and sufficient.
  6. Windows & Doors. Inspect and reinstate failed sealing of doors and windows. (Install weather strips if required) Include windowsills in inspection.
  7. Woodwork. Inspect and maintain all woodwork prior to expected rainy season.
  8. General Brick and plastered surfaces. Repair all cracks and defects and perform routine checks and maintenance as required.
  9. Rising / Negative Damp. This problem is not reserved for coastal regions and numerous complexes all over the country exhibit damp related failures. Unfortunately this problem cannot be resolved easily and requires in-depth investigation and specification to resolve.
  10. Carports. Ensure that shade-netting on carports are tightened and in good serviceable condition.
  11. Budgets. Consult your budget and ensure that sufficient funds are allocated for preventative and interim maintenance prior to rainy seasons or major projects.

It is important to ensure that maintenance schedules and budgets are fully prepared and implemented. A Yearly inspection and review of the planned maintenance and budget is not only necessary to identify urgent items, but is crucial to ensure accurate reporting and management of all maintenance items.

Remember: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Frederik Nel