Tender Facilitation Solutions for Maintenance Projects

Preventative Maintenance Requires A Paradigm Shift

Tender Facilitation Solutions


Choose the best contractors based on price, scope of work, guarantees and deadlines with our Tender Facilitation Solutions. Our solutions are perfect for major maintenance projects, such as exterior painting and waterproofing.

The tender facilitation process is independent, structured and professionally coordinated To drive transparency and fairness. Additionally, all prices negotiated are based on a set scope of work and specifications. As experts in the field of facilitating tenders, we have an extensive Manufacturer Approved List. This list is amended regularly to include new and upcoming contractors and service providers.

All guarantees and warranties are declared and negotiated upfront.

The final result provides you with authentic long-term peace of mind.


  • Compiling the tender pack with a full scope of work and specifications.
  • Arranging the official site meetings for the tender process.
  • Securing manufacturer involvement and guarantees.
  • Guidance with tender evaluation.
  • Supplying sample contracts to appoint contractors for the project.
  • Assistance with Occupational Health and Safety requirements for the contract.

It is important to mention that the entire independent tender facilitation is strictly managed to ensure transparency and confidentiality. This Third Party process will ensure that the project is anchored on the highest professional levels.


We are uniquely positioned, as a third party consultant, to negotiate specific manufacturer and back-to-back guarantees, for maintenance, water-proofing, and painting projects. Here’s why:

“Apples for Apples” detailed pricing on a set scope or work and specifications.

Quality Assurance | Independent Maintenance Professionals


"Curasure prepared tender documentation, supervised the tender procedure, monitor tender received, analysed tenders received and finally presented to the Trustees a comparison of tenders received with appropriate commentary and recommendations. Once the Trustees had considered and evaluated the tenders received, taking into account information and recommendations made by Curasure, appointment of a contractor was approved. Curasure was appointed to carry out quality assurance for the duration of the painting project."

"Curasure had the Tender meeting with various companies. Curasure’s assistance in identifying contractors and the negotiation of contracts has proven very valuable."

"Curasure negotiated Manufacturer’s backed guarantees, called for tenders from certified contractors and advised the Trustees on the selection of the contractors. They monitored the amount of work done and informed the Trustees when payments should be made according to the work done."

"Curasure drafted a detailed specification to bind contractors in the scope and completion of work. They organized tenders from platinum contractors. When we selected our contractor they organized and arranged for the entire process that followed."