Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance Requires A Paradigm Shift

Take the hassle out of preparing your maintenance budgets by getting independent assistance for current, future and long-term maintenance strategies and budgets.


Preparing your annual maintenance budgets?

  • Let Curasure assist you by completing a Red-Flag report highlighting your maintenance items and current concerns.
  • We can develop your initial budget and forecast from an initial high-level overview.
  • If your building is approaching a maintenance cycle and require more detailed analysis and pricing, we can assist by completing a full Building Audit and Tender process. This will equip a commercial property owner to have full line of sight for maintenance requirements and market related prices.


We are experienced and equipped to tailor-make your maintenance plans to your exact needs.

From initial high-level overviews to detailed breakdowns and fore-casts, Curasure has the flexibility and expertise to meet your needs.

Consider the following options to discuss with our professional team:

  • Risk items and requirements.
  • Immediate 12 month budget.
  • 10 year maintenance forecasts.
  • Strategic replacement, longer-term renovations or upgrades.

Call Curasure to an obligation free interview to discuss your exact needs and requirements.


  • It is an unbiased review of budget requirements.
  • A fresh expert eye looking at the building.
  • It is a technical perspective of building needs, and not just a budget exercise.
  • It includes independent experience and a track record of maintenance needs and costs.

If you want to measure what you value, or wish to protect, look at your budget, and you’ll know where the value is positioned.

Need experts assistance with finalising your maintenance budgets and forecasts?

Call Curasure now to have peace of mind.