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Preventative Maintenance Requires A Paradigm Shift

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About Curasure

Preventative Building Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive list of THIRD PARTY maintenance consulting services for property owners and the general building maintenance industry. Our specific aim is to provide long-term peace of mind for your maintenance needs.

  • Identifying maintenance requirements through detailed maintenance audits
  • Technical assessment and diagnosing of specific failures
  • Specifying solutions and maintenance requirements
  • Quality assurance inspections during maintenance projects
  • Ongoing and preventative maintenance systems.

Our aim

Curasure’s value-add is designed with the specific aim of providing long-term peace of mind for your maintenance projects.


Preventative Building Maintenance| THIRD PARTY maintenance consulting services


Through Preventative Building Maintenance, we aim to protect the “life to first maintenance” cycles. We do this by ensuring correct application of products. This allows us to protect the integrity of maintenance forecasts and budgets by ensuring interim and preventative strategies. Get more info.

Asset Value Sustainability

The value of the asset can be sustained by Curasure assisting with a long-term maintenance program. With this in hand, the building will remain in a good condition at all times, thus maintaining its true value. Get more info.

Problem Solving

Our Preventative Building Maintenance ethos ensures we do everything with detailed precision. This ensures the best outcomes! Our expert diagnosed findings of specific failures provides detailed technical specifications for proposed repairs and maintenance. Get more info.

Financial Savings

Financial expenditure on the maintenance of a building does not have to be a burden to the asset owner. Using our expert knowledge we will ensure correct implementation of maintenance strategies to realize a financial reward. Get more info.

Independent Maintenance Professionals

Preventative Building Maintenance: The advantages of partnering with a THIRD PARTY MAINTENANCE CONSULTANT is almost immeasurable and will give building owners peace of mind when it comes to redecoration projects and maintenance requirements. Over the years we have developed a belts and braces system for building maintenance that has no equals in the industry. Get more info.


Utilising the services of Curasure ensures the success of maintenance projects and the sustained longevity between maintenance intervals. Get more info.

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