Let's talk 10 year maintenance plans for Sectional Title Scheme.

Preventative Maintenance Requires A Paradigm Shift

10-year maintenance plans

Let’s talk about 10-year maintenance plans for Sectional Title Schemes


“Although it is the law; 10-year maintenance plans for Sectional Title Schemes should be seen as financial protection that looks after your invest. It’s the plan that ensures your scheme always stays relevant and increases in value year on year.” Frederik Nel

  1. Most important: 10-year maintenance plans for Sectional Title Schemes is required by law – The Sectional Title Schemes Management Act No. 8 of 2011 (STSMA).
  2. The Trustees are obliged to prepare The Maintenance, Repair & Replacement Plan (MRRP) for common property in writing. This should include the following:
    1. Major capital items: valuable items that are expected to require maintenance, repair and replacement within the next 10 years;
    2. Current state: The current state/condition of repair of major capital items;
    3. Time: The estimated time when those items or the items’ components will need to be repaired, repaired or replaced;
    4. Estimated cost: The estimated cost of the maintenance, repair and replacement of the items’ or its components;
    5. Life expectancy: The expected life or longevity of those items/components after maintenance, repairs or replacement;
    6. Other: Additional information the Body Corporate deems relevant.
  3. A reserve fund that is used to implement the MRRP

The reserve fund must be used for the implementation of the plan.

Levies are considered the lifeblood of every sectional-title scheme as these are used to cover all the costs associated with the scheme. Levies are paid by the owners on a monthly basis and cover costs such as:

  • maintenance,
  • admin, repairs,
  • limited building insurance,
  • rates and taxes,
  • and other local municipality charges.

It is important to note that when levies are collected it is allocated into two separate funds as prescribed by the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act of 2011 (STSMA).

These funds are:

Administrative Fund: Covers the estimated annual operating costs for repairs, maintenance, and management and administration of common property. This also includes provisions for future costs.

Reserve Fund: This is an additional fund used to cover unforeseen maintenance and repair costs. This has not been budgeted for. Additionally, the Body Corporate is responsible for preparing a 10-year maintenance, repair and replacement plan. As well as pay for its implementation from the reserve fund.

Both the administrative and reserve funds need to be set-up by the Body Corporate within a sectional-title. These are all the owners of specific units. Managing these funds is the task of the trustees (a select group of owners). The trustees are entrusted by the Body Corporate to keep track of a sectional-title’s finances in good faith. Furthermore, levies are collected on a monthly basis by either the trustees or a designated managing agent/attorney.


The Prescribed Minimum Rules further states that the MRRP only takes effect upon approval by the Body Corporate at a general meeting. Additionally, when approved, the members can specify conditions for the payment of money from the reserve fund. And if required, the plan can be amended. Keep in mind that all contributions and expenditures need to be recorded and accounted for. Another point to note, is, at each Annual General Meeting (AGM), the trustees must provide a detailed report on how the approved MRRP has been implemented.

Protection of sectional title schemes

The aim of the 10-year maintenance, repair and replacement plan protects sectional-titles from difficult situations, such as not having sufficient funds to perform imperative maintenance projects. This could lead to further deterioration of the building or may require owners to fork out large amounts of money in a short space of time (special levy).


We have produced a series of videos designed to help you with 10-year maintenance plans. You can watch them here. Additionally, our DIY 10-year maintenance plan allows you to do it yourself. Our tailor-made and simplified DIY 10-year Plan was specifically developed to assist trustees and managing agents with completing their own maintenance plan. Once completed, you can print your 10-year plan in preparation for your AGM. It’s really that easy!

The risk of not keeping a 10-year maintenance plan updated

A 10 year maintenance plan that is not kept updated keeps the trustees and the body corporate in the dark when it comes to the finances. It prevents accurate calculations of the levy contributions. This could potentially place the body corporate in a position where they do not have sufficient funds when planned maintenance work becomes urgent.

In addition, this may lead to an unexpected special levy being raised to cover the costs. Which could cause the trustees and body corporate finding themselves unable to fulfill their financial obligations to the scheme.

Sometimes planned maintenance can simply be moved on but oftentimes, a delay leads to escalated costs due to the deteriorating condition of the building.

Ultimately, by not keeping the 10-year maintenance plan updated, trustees are not compliant with their responsibilities of managing the scheme.
How Curasure can assist you

Curasure has actively promoted and completed 10-year maintenance plans for the sectional title community since 2006.

We provide a basic and affordable professional estimate of the maintenance costs that complies with Sectional Title legislation. Our unique offering is designed to assist the Sectional Title Industry to move towards compliance with legislation to the Sectional Title Act. Our services include:

  • Life-cycle cost analysis,
  • A 10-year forecast of maintenance, repair and replacement costs
  • As well as a corresponding reserve fund forecast and contribution schedule.
We also offer:
  • Building audits that reveal structural defects,
  • Rising damp,
  • Exposed asbestos,
  • Roofing and guttering problems,
  • Plumbing and electrical issues, and
  • The existence and damage of termites and borers.

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