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Lemon Tree
The Trustees of Lemon Tree

Dear Lisle, Thinus and Frederik

Dearest Lisle, you had, in my opinion, a huge task each time Thinus handed over his reports to you. Your reports were always done immediately to perfection and put out in such a way that it was plain and simple to understand. Thank you for the times I spoke to you on the phone. You were always polite, helpful and a pure joy to work with. I most certainly hope I too will have the opportunity of meeting you personally one day.

Thank you so much for all the QC visits Thinus and the trouble you went into to explain everything in detail as to why you were doing certain things and how the entire process worked. I have learnt a lot from you and appreciate your patience in answering all my questions I asked you. It was wonderful to work with you and I look forward to our paths crossing somewhere along the way in future.

Frederik, I would just like to thank you for your input and assistance with this project. I would like to compliment you on your team, Lisle and Thinus who made this a very memorable experience over the 7 months whilst we all worked together. A huge thank you and my sincere gratitude to all of you.

With warm regards and best wishes
The Trustees

Emanzini Flats
The Body Corporate of Emanzini

(SCHEME NO 28 OF 1979)

‘Emanzini Flats’, 32 First Avenue, Florida, 1709
Portion 4 of Lot No 1012, Florida Township
(The domicilium citandi et executandi: c/o [CA Holmes Property Brokers CC trading as]
Property Group
PO Box 21882, Helderkruin, 1733 — Email: emanzini@statusmark.co.za

6 February 2023

Guiding presence all the way through maintenance of common property

For decades, not long after common property redecorating has been completed, the tell-tale signs of underlying problems started reappearing.

Curasure Building Maintenance Solutions turned the situation around by:

  1. Undertaking a complete audit of all common property and presented a report of measurements to the trustees
  2. Facilitating the tendering, by providing complete specifications and a comparative report
  3. Facilitated contracting with the chosen provider, based on what the trustees opted to include
  4. Serving a guiding presence every step of the way, by frequent in situ monitoring and assessment of preparations, quality of work in progress, and processing of draw requests from the contractor.

Sure, it costs money, but every cent paid is worth the accompanied expertise, the authoritative voice, and the quality of end product.

Going without, as our body corporate used to do, is penny wise and pound foolish.

Thomas Groenewald

Kernick Place Body Corporate
The Trustees of Kernick Place Body Corporate

Letter of Recommendation

On behalf of the Trustees of Kernick Place Body Corporate, I would like to confirm our satisfaction with Curasure for excellent quality assurance services provided during the recently completed restoration and redecoration project undertaken at our complex.

In June 2019, the Trustees commissioned Curasure to complete a general building audit with recommendations for maintenance purposes. Due to lack of maintenance over many years, it was recommended that a full refurbishment had to be undertaken.

At the beginning of 2021, the Trustees appointed Curasure (represented by Fredrik Nel and his assistant Ilse Maraz) to manage the refurbishment project which included running a tender process. The final refurbishment project cost came in at +- R 2.7 million with the appointed contractor Paintfella’s.

Curasure managed the project throughout with professionalism, attention to detail and high levels of competency. Frederik also availed himself to attend our AGM to provide peace of mind to owners regarding the upcoming project as well on a monthly basis at our Trustee’s meeting to provide progress updates.

Due to the hands-on approach by Curasure, the project was completed under budget (saving of +-700K) and 2 months ahead of schedule.

I would therefore highly recommend the services of Curasure for any building maintenance solutions you may require.

Kind Regards,
Jethro Manuel (Chairman of the Kernick Place Body Corporate)

Catriona Body Corporate
The Trustees of Catriona Body Corporate

18 August 2021 - Letter of Reference – Curasure Building and Maintenance Solutions

This letter serves to recommend the services of Curasure Building and Maintenance Solutions.

Catriona Body Corporate appointed Curasure to assist with drafting the schemes 10 year maintenance plan as required by Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act. This included starting with a maintenance survey, formulating the maintenance plan and providing quality assurance for major projects.

The first project that Paul Adams from Curasure participated in was to do quality assurance for the recently completed painting project on the external elevations of the Catriona Building in Humewood, Port Elizabeth. Paul provided a very professional service in surveying the building, drafting a well documented project plan, obtaining product suppliers from the manufacturer approved list and negotiating the guarantees. During the course of the project weekly and ad hoc on-site meetings were held to do thorough checks on the quality of the work done and progress made. Weekly detailed quality reports were provided to Bellbuoy, the schemes managing agent and the Trustees. When necessary, Paul held meeting with the Contractor and the Trustees to address matters that required urgent attention. This to ensure a high standard of quality was maintained throughout the project. Due to Curasures involvement the project was a tremendous success and the Trustees confident that a high standard of quality was maintained.

We would highly recommend the services of Curasure to assist any scheme with the drafting of the schemes 10 year maintenance plan as well as the overseeing of the quality control of any project undertaken by them.

Yours Sincerely
The Trustees of Catriona Body Corporate

Manhattan Body Corporate
The Trustees

This service to confirm that Curasure assisted us with the building audits, quality assurance and maintenance consulting of our complex. We are extremely satisfied with their services and would recommend Curasure at any time.

Peter Reijnders

Never in my past 50 years on Projects in the, Mining ( Gold and Uranium ) and Construction Industry, have I encountered a Consulting firm in Quality and Contracts Management of a Painting Contract more professional than this by Curasure. Their management style with the contactor and me, as the client was strict but fair.

The painting and repair contract had a value of +- R 1.7 million , for a Townhouse Complex of about 110 Units, at 151 Montrose Ave. Johannesburg North.

Curasure was represented by Messes. Frederick Nel an Thinus van den Berg, both highly qualified and competent. Their modern testing tools and equipment was of the highest standard, new very much suited to do the job of testing. Curasure had an excellent support structure from their office producing Site meeting reports often within hours accurately. Fred and Thinus had an excellent relationship with the contractor PAINTFellas and their workforce. Both were not shy to get down on their knees , took hammer and chisel to clean out cracks to the root or took the paint brush applying paint to the required thickness ,or checked the correct pressure setting on the compressor to break up air “ bubbles” in the old plaster . All work performed was with the constant awareness of Safety and Health regulations.

To any developers or body corporate:
You cannot go wrong trusting Curasure with the Management and QA/QC of your Painting and your Maintenance repair project.

Fred and Thinus, on a more personal not , I say “THANK YOU “ , for all your work done to the Complex, it was not always easy, rather challenging . You were of great help.


Peter Reijnders
Civil Engineer

Tristan Place Body Corporate

Curasure has been nothing but professional in their approach to the needs of the complex. They carried out a comprehensive audit of the buildings to ascertain problems and priority areas, after which assisted us in obtaining quotes from the relevant contractors/applicators, appointing such and then the vital element of overseeing that such contractors carry out the scope of works to the prescribed specifications.

Curasure's input and expertise has been Invaluable to our property and they really went the extra mile to ensure hatted highest standards were maintained. When contractors were not performing to specification they took it upon themselves to sort these Issues out for us. I have never once had to won, that the jobs undertaken would not be carried out to our compete satisfaction. Moreover, Curasure also undertook to liaise directly with each of our owners thus shouldering a large pan of the administrative burden on the trustees. They also were more than obliging in attending our AGM In July to answer any questions the owners had about the maintenance, as well as, give a short overview of the plans going forward. Their willingness to accommodate the trustees and our after-hour meetings is clear indication of their commitment to their clients. This companies service excellence, professionalism and outstanding attitude toward really providing quality assistance to their clients is exemplary and I look forward to a fruitful and trouble free relationship going forward. The peace of mind they provide cannot be quantified and it is truly refreshing for us to be able to have complete trust in a service provider, knowing they always have our best interests at heart.

I have no trouble in recommending them to anyone who is in need of such a service and have done so on many occasions.

Curasure comment: This is an ongoing Turn Key Maintenance System client and we are proud to enter our 12th year of service to them.
Tabulahof Body Corporate
The Trustees

Curasure provided an initial detailed report of the state of the complex and identified areas requiring attention, and we used this to compile our initial 10-year maintenance plan. Due to the benefits of the advice, suggestions and overall professionalism of the Curasure team, we further contracted with Curasure for a Tender Process and a 5-year Compliance Action Plan so that we can be confident of making informed maintenance decisions both from a time and a financial perspective.

Stonecrest Body Corporate
The Trustees

Curasure is a company dedicated to quality and professional service. I have been dealing with Curasure as Chairman of our Body Corporate over the last 2 years and have been amazed with their attention to detail and commitment to their customers. From the onset there was a relationship of mutual respect and a deeper understanding of our Body Corporates needs and expectations, Over the last two years and on our current refurbishment project, Curasure proved their worth time and time again, through negotiation with contractors to project management and quality assurance, ensuring that our Body Corporate receives the best possible value for money on our refurbishment project.

Eros Villas Body Corporate

We have been dealing with Curasure for almost a year. Thus far they have assisted us with budgeting for maintenance, attended trustee meetings and site visits.

Curasure does an initial comprehensive report to identify areas that need attention. Based on that a 5 year maintenance plan is drawn up. They deliver a service which plays a crucial role in the management of a complex. Most of the trustees have no knowledge of building maintenance and the costs associated. Curasure assists with all the steps to determine what needs to be done and they split it into projects based on the cash available and the urgency of the work. They also deal with suppliers and contractors to get quotes that can be compared and are subject to the relevant guarantees.

Please feel free to contact me to confirm any of the above.

Curasure comment: This client has an amazing history and story of real value for both sides. We are proud to enter our 12th year of service to them.

Kaldins Villa Sectional Title Complex
The Trustees

This is to confirm that as administrators of sectional title schemes, we have been involved with the refurbishment of numerous schemes over the years.

The above has been the 1st where we have utilised the services of an external quality assurance company, to ensure that the provided specification is adhered to by the actual painting contractor.

This has been of huge benefit, as the numerous site visits done by Curasure have provided ourselves and the trustees with valuable feedback, and assisted in keeping the painters on track with regards to deadlines and quality of workmanship done.

Based upon the above we are happy to recommend their services to other potential clients

Should you require any assistance kindly call us and we will help accordingly.

Beverly Hills Body Corporate
The Trustees

Curasure has been contracted by Beverly Hills Body Corporate in 2006 and continuously since 2008 to assist with our Painting and Waterproofing Project.

During this time Curasure has drafted an extensive report assessing the condition of the Complex including specifications to repair water damage and paint.

Curasure’s assistance in identifying contractors and negotiating contracts has also been invaluable.

Since the project started in 2008 Curasure’s professional assistance and in particular the expertise of their Technical Consultant with quality control and negotiating guarantees and warranties has served our best interests immensely.

Their professional conduct at all times is unsurpassed.

Without Curasure’s watchful eye, extensive knowledge and professional assistance no Body Corporate dare undertake any major project.

Thank you, Curasure!

Curasure comment: More recently, we updated the schemes Maintenance Audit and 10-year maintenance plan in 2018. It has been a relationship spanning more than 13 years, and we are pleased to report extensive savings and results.

Mount Beverley
The Trustees

Curasure have acted as consultants to Mount Beverley in different capacities for several years. After a painting contract went badly wrong about six years ago, the Trustees decided to enter into a Turnkey Maintenance contract with Curasure in May 2009 in order to ensure that the ongoing maintenance of the building is quality assured and that money spent on maintenance is well spent.

Curasure have assisted with planning a maintenance schedule which is particularly helpful as it provides continuity in the on-going maintenance of the building. In most Sectional Title schemes the Trustees prioritise certain maintenance and when the Trustees change so do the priorities for maintenance. Having a Turnkey Maintenance contract means that there is a long term plan for maintenance that can be budgeted for annually regardless of changes in the Trustees.

Over the past year Curasure has provided the Trustees of Mount Beverley with a building audit, specifications for the waterproofing of the roof and the painting and renovation of the building and regular reports. They negotiated Manufacturer’s backed guarantees, called for tenders from certified contractors and advised the Trustees on the selection of the contractors. They monitored the amount of work done and informed the Trustees when payments should be made according to the work done.

From the Trustees’ perspective we are confident that maintenance is being properly done and that payments are only made when sufficient work has been completed to the required standard. We are assured that the right products are used and that contractors selected to do major projects are held accountable. As none or the Trustees are engineers this has assisted us in performing our fiduciary duty as regard both maintenance and the careful expenditure of the Body Corporate’s funds.

The Mount Beverley Trustees circulate the Curasure reports to all owners for information. We meet with Curasure regularly and invite interested owners to attend the meetings when major items of maintenance are to be discussed. This means that owners with expertise in the area can ask technical questions of the Curasure representative who also attends and reports to the AGM.

The work of Trustees is onerous and often a thankless task. Having a Turnkey Maintenance contract has greatly assisted with the maintenance function and we can confidently recommend Curasure’s Turnkey Maintenance contracts to other Bodies Corporate.

Curasure Comment: 10 years later the valued relationship continues.

Del Prado Body Corporate
The Trustees

We contracted Curasure, Turnkey Maintenance Systems cc, in 2008 to assist us with a complete refurbishment of our townhouse complex. The complex was in the region of 25 years old and needed extensive damp proofing and we wanted a painting solution with a guarantee that would last us for a number of years.

Trustees of a complex are usually volunteers and as such we do not have unlimited time to devote to overseeing a project of this nature and as it was out of our scope of expertise we felt we needed someone to assist with the technical aspects of the project. Frederik and Michael have been invaluable in assisting with all aspects of quality control, as well as recommending whether payment draws were in line with work done. Michael was on-site regularly and spent many hours checking the quality of work being undertaken. We also received comprehensive quality. reports regularly.

The advice, assistance and recommendations we received were well worth the money spent and I would be confident to recommend them in future.

Parkholm Body Corporate
The Trustees

Curasure has been contracted by the Body Corporate of Parkholm flats during December 2007 for their expertise experience of the maintenance of a building like Parkholm Flats.

During December 2007 the Trustees had received the Site Inspection Report concerning the maintenance of the building. it was an extensive report assessing the condition of the complex including specifications to repair water damage and paint. The Trustees had decided to make use of the Turn Key Maintenance System.

During June 2008. Curasure had the Tender meeting with various companies. Curasure’s assistance in identifying contractors and the negotiation of contracts has proven very valuable.

Since the project started in 2008. Curasure's professional assistance and in particular their Technical expertise with quality control and negotiating guarantees and warranties has proved that Curasure have served our best interests on a continuously basis.

The ongoing site inspection reports that were received, was very valuable to the Trustees. With-out that. the Trustees would not know what was happening to the maintenance of the building.

Their professional conduct at all times is unsurpassed. Without Curasure's watchful eye, extensive knowledge, expertise and professional assistance. no Body Corporate dare to undertake such a major project.

Golden Gate Body Corporate
The Trustees

On behalf of the chairman, the trustees and owners of Golden Gate, we would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your assistance and cooperation with the painting project. It all went off well and the owners are happy with the work done.

St Lucia Body Corporate
The Trustees

This serves to confirm that St Lucia recently utilised the services of Curasure to assist in the repainting of the building. The project was worth around R1 million.

The Body Corporate was understandably concerned due to the size of the project and required a competent body to oversee the various phases of the project.This included:

  • Specification of finishes
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Adjudication of tenders
  • Project management

The company was a pleasure to work with and displayed the utmost professionalism in everything they did. The documentation was quite outstanding and this coupled with their absolute reliability made the project a walk in the Park.

I recommend them most highly to any concern involved in building maintenance, particularly in the Sectional Title environment where documentation and control are of the utmost importance.

Groenkloof Gardens Body Corporate
The Trustees

Groenkloof Gardens was built in 1972 and stood as a landmark of fine up market living. The block was a sought after residence for owners and tenants alike. The responsibility to keep it up market was of course passed down to the Trustees.

Trustees are willing volunteers that try their best for the most part, but often lack the expertise, time and knowledge to add the necessary value. Roughly a year ago the Trustees of Groenkloof Gardens were faced with a difficult challenge. The building was almost forty years old and was showing the ravages of time and neglect. To exacerbate matters decorative maintenance had only been done twice over that period and not very well! It was a real mess. Putty was falling out of window frames, paint was peeling off the building and metal work was rusting. The Icon of up market living that once was Groenkloof Gardens, was no more.

Fortunately we were referred to Curasure by our managing agent. Curasure did a thorough building assessment and aided us every step of the way. They drafted a detailed specification to bind contractors in the scope and completion of work. They organized tenders from platinum contractors. When we selected our contractor they organized and arranged for the entire process that followed. They supervised and held the contractor to every detail in the redecoration specification. The Trustees were rarely involved and as Chairman I was kept up
to date on a weekly basis with building progress and documentation.

It took five months to complete the redecoration process on our building. The difference in pre and post redecoration is almost too big to quantify. We are extremely happy to once again have a building that befits the tag of up market.

I would recommend Curasure as an integral part of managing a building. We have a managing agent that takes care of admin and finances. We now also have a managing agent in Curasure taking care of our building and maintenance. Sustainability is what insures success in the long run. Trustees come and go and vary in their commitment. I am pleased that we have Curasure to ensure the sustainability of our investment, independently from the Trustees.

A special thanks to Frederik Nel who not only helped us address the Body Corporate at an SGM assuring a buy in from all owners but also in managing our audit and tender process.

A special thanks to their Technical team who tirelessly monitored and inspected the entire five month redecoration project with expert aplomb.

Via Orvietto Body Corporate
The Trustees

We engaged Curasure in April 2010 to assist with maintenance on our complex. At the time, it was evident that the complex’s paintwork and woodwork needed attention, but none of the trustees was experienced enough in such matters to properly evaluate the quotes we obtained or to supervise the contractor once they were appointed. Curasure was able to supply the expertise and time necessary to ensure that maintenance is done correctly and cost-effectively.

Since their engagement, Curasure has:

  • Assessed, in detail, the condition and maintenance needs of the complex and documented their findings in a detailed report
  • Specified work required for a major maintenance project so that contractors could quote on a comparable basis
  • Arranged for several contractors to quote on the work and explained the details of the quotes to us so that we could make an informed decision when choosing a contractor
  • Conducted regular (~weekly) inspections of the work done by the contractor to ensure that it meets the defined specification
  • Supplied the trustees with regular updates on work done and problems encountered during the project so that these could be addressed

Working with Curasure has been pleasure so far. The team has demonstrated its diligence and expertise at every opportunity, and I would recommend them to any Body Corporate or similar entity that is responsible for maintaining a property but lacks a significant in-house capacity for this type of work. With Curasure’s help, I am convinced that we have obtained better value from our contractor than we would have obtained alone.

Faerieview Body Corporate
Amy Blaine | Vice Chairperson / Maintenance Portfolio

Right from the beginning of our dealings with Curasure, we have had nothing but outstanding professional service at the highest level.

First stage was a report on the paint on our roofs that had been done really badly by the previous contractor, and during the previous trustees time. Curasure supplied a detailed report that was understandable to all. A useful element when having to answer to Owners of a complex.

Second stage was an appointment to oversee the step by step process of the paint contract, to redo the roofs in the complex. We received detail site visit reports weekly from their Technical department. These will serve as a good background base for any future work & Body Cooperate in the complex.

Thank you to Ilse & the team for all the help during this process, it truly made it effortless. I highly recommend Curasure.

The Augustus Body Corporate
The Trustees

We, the Trustees of The Augustus Body Corporate hereby place on record our sincere thanks to Curasure for the superb quality assurance services provided during the recently completed restoration and redecoration project undertaken at our complex.

The major benefit which Curasure brought to the project was that they provided the necessary technical knowledge, and quality assurance processes and procedures with which they were able to test the work conducted by the main contractor to ensure that the necessary quality standards were adhered to for a high quality finished product.

We took great comfort in the fact that a Curasure representative, namely Colleen Marshall, was assigned to the project and she liaised directly with the main contractor on all relevant matters pertaining to the project, on a regular basis. Colleen was able to build a sound and productive working relationship with the main contractor which added immense value towards the successful completion of the project.

On a weekly basis, the reports compiled by Curasure were a good indicator of progress and key areas that needed attention. These reports contained photos with references and explanations.

Another important role that Curasure played is that they vetted the work completed, as put forward by the main contractor, and then giving their approval for the payment of their invoices as per the draw schedule.

This ensured that the main contractor kept to the project schedule as closely as possible and that we as trustees had the confidence that what was being paid for was completed to the required standard.

With the conclusion of the project, we now enjoy an on-going relationship with Curasure for the regular inspection of the building to alert us to any failures that need attention and where necessary to act upon the workmanship and paint quality guarantees provided, in order for failures to be rectified.

In conclusion, we can quite confidently recommend Curasure as a valuable partner to any Body Corporate looking to restore and redecorate with confidence and peace of mind that the finished product will be of high quality and that the project budget will be spent with sound justification.

San Marino Body Corporate

As a bit of background, we are a 168 unit sectional title scheme situated in Pretoria.

When the current Trustee's took over from the previous board, we were faced with a mountain of unresolved matters, chief amongst which included a badly aging building, which was in serious need of a renovation. As I am the first to admit, my skills (and usually the skills of many other trustee's) do not provide for a sufficient knowledge base to embark on such a large renovation project. It is for this reason that we enlisted the services of Curasure through their agent, Mr. Frederik Nel.

We signed up with their turn key maintenance solution which encompasses their constant oversight over any project which is carried out at the scheme. What is the point of a trustee approving an invoice for payment, if we do not have the skills to qualify such a job?

Curasure has assisted the body corporate since, on all minor and major projects, including our most recent renovation which was in excess of R1,1 Million.

The sense of security we received as trustees, and more importantly the interests of all owners were safeguarded by the knowledge that we had Curasure to rigorously test every single aspect of maintenance and construction work which is carried out on our schemes.

I highly recommend their services, as a means for outsourcing the building, maintenance and project managing tasks required by bodies corporate. I cannot describe how helpful Curasure has been throughout the process, and I would even venture so far as to state that I highly doubt a renovation project such as the one our scheme underwent, would have been capable without the knowledge, insight and assistance received from Curasure.

We are VERY confident in the services offered by Curasure, and can recommend their services without a shadow of doubt.

Stonebrook Body Corporate
Chairman and Trustees

Trustees appointed Curasure to quality assure a R1.2m painting and refurbishment project at Stonebrook in 2012. The weekly site meetings with Colleen Marshall from Curasure guaranteed the correct application of the appropriate products at the specified thickness, ensuring we received a quality results.

Delays in the project work were encountered due to poor workmanship which resulted in the job being redone. The slips in workmanship would have been missed by non-professional eye.

It is the Trustee’s opinion that we would not embark on any further projects without Curasure as our Quality Assurance Partners.

Strathmore Mews Body Corporate

Strathmore Mews is an upmarket plaster finish sectional title complex consisting of 18 large townhouse units. It is necessary to repaint the complex every 6 to 7 years. The Trustees of Strathmore Mews Body Corporate engaged the services of Curasure to assist with the most recent painting project.

Curasure carried out the initial survey of requirements regarding basic surface preparation, damp proofing and material requirements. Curasure prepared tender documentation, supervised the tender procedure, monitor tender received, analysed tenders received and finally presented to the Trustees a comparison of tenders received with appropriate commentary and recommendations. Once the Trustees had considered and evaluated the tenders received, taking into account information and recommendations made by Curasure, appointment of a contractor was approved. Curasure was appointed to carry out quality assurance for the duration of the painting project.

The Trustees received detailed weekly report on the progress of the project, accompanied by photographic and descriptive documentation. Work was evaluated and progress payments made on evaluation reports. Final signoff was only done once Curasure approved the standard of work in both the Trustees and the Owners were satisfied with the final product.

The Trustees were impressed and completely satisfied with the standards of service and professionalism offered by Curasure.

Horizon View Body Corporate
The Trustees

This letter serves to confirm that Curasure was appointed as the Quality Assurance Manager for the painting project undertaken on behalf of the owners at Horizon View in Umhlanga.

The value of the contract was approximately R2.1 million.

Curasure provided the following services to the Body Corporate at Horizon View:

  • Comprehensive building audit detailing specifications and repair methods prior to commencement of the painting
  • Preparation and evaluation of tenders for the painting project was subsequent recommendations
  • Negotiation and guarantees with paint manufacturers on behalf the trustees
  • Monthly submissions of quality assurance reports to the trustees
  • Fortnightly meetings with contractor

The trustees of Horizon View wishes to commend Curasure for their professionalism, communication and problem-solving skills they displayed on this project. This complements their superior technical knowledge of the work that was required.

The trustees found Curasure well-versed with the technical aspects of painting, waterproofing and concrete repairs which provided to be invaluable to the trustees in the project of this magnitude.

The trustees are of the view that Curasure went beyond the scope of the contract in providing a service that was of the highest standard and have no hesitation in recommending them to other clients.

The Kennedy Estate
Estate Manager

The Kennedy

My experience with Curasure has been highly beneficial to ourselves as The Kennedy Estate.

With the tail-end of the construction project which finished late last year, our appointed representative Renier van Staden was on-site at least weekly and gave us running reports on the techniques and finishing’s that were employed, as well as an independent analysis of cost vs. benefit. He also kept an eye on materials on hand as per the procurement lists, and played a strong supporting role in helping to give our Trustees peace of mind regarding the project, particularly with regards to costs, schedules, actual time frames and specific expenditures.

Curasure compiled and continue to update our 10-year-plan as and when necessary – hopefully only annually, but if the need arises, the plan is updated.

Their expertise in building finishing/preparation/painting is colossal, and Renier (particularly, in my experience) has a passion for the work. They have an immense network of qualified contractors who will bid/tender on specific projects that have been identified and painstakingly mapped out and specified by Curasure, and they perform ongoing cost-benefit analysis and oversight on all work performed.

Curasure will hold the guarantees on all finishings applied, and are on-site to oversee the (most important) preparation work, and then the application of finishes – any failures of paint, for instance, are handled by Curasure as the technical experts who were on site at time of prep and application, and who then analysed and reported on the failure (if such did occur) – the paint companies work very closely with Curasure in specifying proper techniques and conditions, and in setting guarantee periods.

Specific ‘mechanical’ issues encountered (such as, for example, consequential water damage from a leak in one Unit affecting another Unit) have been immensely simplified for my office – Renier will accompany me to inspect problem Units, use very specialised equipment to analyse and diagnose the problem, cause, origin, and best possible solution, and prepare a report for me that allows me to keep both affected owners 100% aware of what the problem is, as well as the cause and remedy thereof. This has saved time and money in a myriad ways – apart from minimising the continual intervention and even arguments with owners who repeatedly dispute possible causes and remedies depending on who they played golf with that week, it allows us to have issues rectified before the damage accumulates and becomes prohibitively expensive to repair.

In short, it gives us a facts-based diagnosis and cost-sensitive proposal for remediation of such issues.

From the perspective of the Estate Manager’s Office, I can honestly recommend Curasure.

Lakeside Village Body Corporate

It is my great pleasure to provide a testimonial for Curasure for the work conducted over the past two years (2017- 2019) and the services rendered that are on-going.

As a body corporate presiding over an exclusive sectional title held within the Eagle Canyon Golf Estate in Johannesburg we engaged with Curasure early 2017 to assist us with a large scale maintenance project. This project was extremely well managed through a number of phases by Curasure:

1) The tender process.
Curasure provided an extremely detailed and clear specification per property for a top to bottom full restoration project. A variety of vendors were brought in and taken through a debriefing and Q&A session. From there it was interesting to note the wide variance in terms of pricing (R4 million – R 10 million) despite the fact that each vendor had an identical specification. This underscores the necessity for such a process.

2) The project phase.
During this phase Curasure oversaw the project and provided monthly reports with photographs and a lot of detail per property. Thorough testing on every aspect of the implementation was also conducted by Curasure and there were a number of occasions where the vendor was sent back to redo work. This is a critical part of the Curasure value proposition as this is something we as a body corporate have neither the expertise nor the time to do. It’s important to note that any interaction with the vendor was managed and controlled by Curasure, another key point of value for us as they have significantly more experience, skills and also leverage over a vendor than us as a single body corporate.

3) Post project.
Post project Curasure again manages the vendor and the warranties etc associated with the maintenance project again with an effectiveness that we could never achieve.

As a body corporate we have engaged in a turn-key maintenance contract with Curasure over the long term as we feel that this role and function is integral to achieving positive outcomes when it comes to maintaining our properties and ultimately extracting value from them over the long term.

They manage our 10 year maintenance plan from a technical perspective and continue to provide the services as described above for every project we embark on annually with an identical discipline of rigour and process.

I can, without hesitation, provide my highest endorsement to Curasure for the excellent work and value provided to us over an extended period.

Kumalo Family – Residential Dwelling
Kumalo Family

Thank you so much Frederik for all your hard work. It gives us peace of my mind to know that you are on top of things and making sure Chris and his team do a perfect job. How we wish you were there from the beginning when our home was being built! Take care and God bless.

Parkwood Manor Body Corporate
The Trustees

Trustee maintenance report to AGM, Including Curasure Turn Key Maintenance Systems feedback

Overall Parkwood Manor continues to be in a good state both financially and operationally.

Maintenance: The owners will be aware that approval was obtained and we appointed Curasure on a Turn Key Maintenance Systems contract as a strategic maintenance advising partner to the body corporate and trustees. This is a five-year contractual agreement and we can confirm that the trustees closely manage our service provider as part of our duties.

We can report that our interaction with Curasure and Turn Key Maintenance Systems has been excellent and that the body corporate is receiving real value from our strategic partner.

The initial start-up procedure with Turn Key Maintenance Systems included a general building audit report and a tender process.

The first project that was undertaken was the waterproofing of the roof ridges. This project was undertaken to ensure that we go into the next rainy season with as much roof protection as possible. The expected life on the roof project could vary between 3-5 years depending on the performance and the type of movement on the roofs, as feedback provided from a consultant.

In preparation of the AGM we also completed a updated 10 year maintenance plan with Curasure. The full pack will be included in the AGM documentation with our proposed budget to fund our maintenance plan, which will be discussed under the finance section of the AGM.

Our next proposed project will include a painting and redecoration cycle for our scheme.

As far as day-to-day maintenance is concerned: this function is still handled by the trustees and managing agent and does not fall under the umbrella of our agreement with Turn Key Maintenance Systems. We rely on our current systems to service this day-to-day needs on an ongoing basis. Some of our challenges at the moment largely relates to internal plumbing problems observed at numerous units. Curasure assisted us by providing additional feedback to identify the areas of concern (including specific unit numbers) and also possible remedial actions required, as a courtesy. The trustees will use the information and liaise closely with our plumbing service providers and managing agent to address any of these concerns. (It is likely to be ongoing process for the time being)

Lastly, as owners we all realise that a well maintained and well managed scheme unlocks real value of our assets. We are pleased to have a tailor-made and structured system in place with our strategic partners.


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