Property Companies and Funds

Preventative Maintenance Requires A Paradigm Shift

“A holistic view of your assets and not only it’s maintenance condition and failures, but also recommended maintenance strategies for long-term peace of mind.”

Dealing with an entire property fund increases the complexity of not only managing the maintenance per property, but also across entire portfolios.

It is a careful balancing act between income, expenses, risks, increasing ROI and maintenance responsibilities.

We recognise the complex nature of managing these portfolios and are perfectly positioned to strategically assist property funds with managing the expenditure on maintenance of individual buildings, but more importantly across the entire property portfolios.

Partner with Curasure to ensure a holistic solution across for your entire portfolio.

Your tailor-made solution could be one step away:

Our role is specifically designed to assist with major maintenance projects which may include but are not limited to:

Your tailor-made solution could be one step away:

Most property portfolios want effective return on investment.

But the problem isn’t intention: it’s measurement.

Unlike financial investing, which has reporting standards, maintenance audit processes and requirements is notoriously tricky to evaluate.

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